Nighean Hardie

Having qualified in her Yoga Alliance 200 hours in September 2009, Nighean has since taught a challenging and dynamic practice that heals and detoxifies the body and mind. Emphasising awareness through precision and meditation in motion, her classes challenge the body, engage the mind and quicken the spirit. Nighean teaches in a non-competitive environment combining the physical asanas with breath to aide relaxation. She believes in each person finding their own level and watching their flexibility improve, their physical strength grow and concentration levels increase. 

In 2011, Nighean founded Twisted Yoga, holding classes in her garden studio at home. She and her partner, Alex, opened TY's current home in January 2014. 

Nighean has continued her training  with several internationally recognised teachers, including Naomi Absalom, Tiffany Cruikshank and Jason Crandell and is now certified in her 500 hours and is a recognised CL2 teacher with Yoga Alliance.


Jade McLernon

Jade teaches both adult and children's yoga. She has been practicing yoga for over seven years and after having her son, her love for all things yoga really took off. Yoga helped her gain her body and energy levels back, not to mention allowing her time for much needed relaxation!! Jade's light hearted approach makes her popular with the adults as well as the smaller members who practice with her. She  looks forward to seeing you all on the mat!


Gabi Markham

Gabi’s journey with Yoga began as a child, doing Yoga with her Dad before bed to help her sleep. At 16, after struggling for a year with a foot injury and as a recommendation from her Dance teacher, Gabi began a regular Bikram Hot Yoga practice. Within months there was a drastic difference in her body and the injury was completely healed, never to be seen again! After 2 years of a regular Hot Yoga practice Gabi began to diversify into other styles and went on what she calls her ‘Yoga Rampage’ doing 60 yoga classes in 60 days and trying as many different styles as she could get her hands on. Coming from a dance background Gabi loves working her body in a fun, creative and liberating way, whilst working safely with mindful alignment. More recently Gabi has found a connection to the spiritual side of yoga and tries to include this in her classes in a non-judgemental and accessible way. Gabi is really enjoying sharing her love and passion for the amazing transformational effect of yoga on a physical and mental level.


Matt Gluck

Matt started Yoga when he was five, learning techniques from his mother in order to deal with asthma and allergies. He became dedicated many years later, when following trauma, grief and addiction, life and yoga showed him there was a better and more joyful way to live. Matt has been teaching Hatha Yoga full time for eighteen years and practicing and teaching Chinese Martial Arts, (Shaolin, Tai Ji, Qi Gong and Nei Gong), for twenty eight years.

He is a mentor and counsellor, has worked for various yoga centres over the years and wrote a monthly ‘Yoga and Wellness’ column for Yoga Magazine International a few years back. He also published ‘How to Breathe - a comprehensive course in pranayama practice’ in 2010 to help people understand the role of natural breathing for renewing health and vitality. Matt teaches in clubs and yoga centres in North London and Herts, presents yoga workshops and retreats and is currently writing a Yoga Teacher Training Course.


Emma Morreale

Emma found yoga from her fascination and love for a Jainist temple she sought refuge in nearly 12 years ago. Through finding the true essence of peace and stillness here she found that the need for asana, to rid the body of physcial tension, a necessary tool in her practice to gain the understanding of the 'goal' of yoga.

She went to study in California gaining her 200hr YA certification with CorePower Yoga U.S and then came back to immerse with Yoga London for another 200 hours as she fell in love with their teaching methods and style.

Her current classes are now run at the very temple she found solace in and she also teaches power yoga styles at a variety of hot yoga studios around North London and Hertfordshire.

Her growing popularity on social media has her hosting a number of Yoga challenges on IG and gives her great happiness in spreading the love for all things UK Yoga related.


Emma Scott

After training and working in dance/musical theatre Emma has been working in the fitness industry for 15 years. She teaches dance, bokwa, step and fitness yoga. More recently she has specialised in Les Mills programmes; particularly Body Balance, achieving Advanced Instructor level. Emma teaches an exciting class called Balance Your Body, using Hatha Yoga and Pilates techniques, working on improving strength, flexibility and balance - all choreographed to an upbeat soundtrack! Finishing with a short relaxation to feel calm and centred.


Imogen North

Imogen trained under the expert eye of Katy Appleton and is a Yoga Alliance-certified teacher of dynamic Vinyasa flow. She has been practising yoga since her teens and has a background in reiki and the energetic body. Imogen believes yoga is the key to balance in life both on and off the mat.

With breath being central to her classes Imogen combines uplifting sequencing with a simple yet potent lunar antidote. Through her teaching she hopes to inspire possibility and galvanise self-awareness and self-nourishment. Imogen fiercely believes that yoga is for everyone, that it is a vital tradition that transcends all race and religion, fundamental in all of our lives more so now than ever before.

Imogen is grateful to all her teachers and to those who have touched her on her yoga path.


Jessica Oldfield

Yoga has been a constant part of Jess's life for the last 7 years. At first she was drawn to it for the physical practice but this quickly evolved into something much deeper. She has been a student of Bikram, Ashtanga, Hot Power, Iyengar and Vinyasa Flow yoga but has found that the latter has brought her the most joy. The linking of movement with breath in Vinyasa, expressed through creative flows, is Jess's passion and she has inadvertently been sharing this with anyone who will listen!!

She's been blessed to encounter so many amazing teachers and they have each influenced her style and believes that teaching is a great privilege. Jess feels that she is at a place in both her physical practice and personal life to be the kind of teacher she loves and respects. Yoga is constantly evolving and there are always new things to discover but she cannot think of any better way to serve the community than by teaching this wonderful practice.


Lorna Campbell

Lorna was raised in North West London and became drawn to yoga as a young adult. She enjoyed a beginner's hatha class, slowly building a regular practice through a variety of yoga styles, chiefly, Ashtanga Vinyasa. After a complicated pregnancy and birth Lorna took a few months out from yoga and when she was able to begin healing, returned with a new vigour. In 2014, she completed a BWY Yoga Foundation course and in 2015 qualified as an Ashtanga Vinyasa and Rocket 1 teacher with The Yoga People. Lorna leans towards the Ashtanga Vinyasa tradition with a focus on breath, awareness and less traditionally, humour. She aims to promote the idea that yoga is for every “body”.


Paula Wade

Paula first discovered yoga in her 20s, but had to park her dreams of teaching due to work and child commitments. Working in the city, the pull of Yoga never left and she began practising regularly again six years ago, where the overwhelming need to share the mental and physical benefits of the practice with others returned. Having completed the BWY Foundation course under the guidance of Elizabeth Blaise, Paula continued on her teacher training journey under the expertise of Jeff Phenix and Susannah Hoffman at London's renowned Triyoga for her 500 hour BWY diploma. Paula enjoys all forms of yoga and practices various styles including Astanga, Forrest, Dharma Mittra and Core Power and she's also been known to enjoy a hip hop flow class in New York's Soho district. She brings a light hearted approach to her teaching which is mainly Hatha based with a focus on alignment, strength and relaxation.


Roisin Gaughran

Roisin is a vinyasa flow yoga teacher, living and teaching in North London. Her yoga journey began a few years ago whilst living in Australia, where she found and fell in love with yoga. After returning to London, she completed her vinyasa flow 200hr teacher training with Yoga London. She continued her learning by training to be a pregnancy and post natal yoga teacher. Roisin’s classes provide a strong flowing practice, focused around marrying movement with breath. They are powerful and fun, and structured so that beginners and experienced practitioners alike can enjoy and benefit from them. Having worked for several years in the advertising industry, Roisin is hugely grateful for the benefits yoga has brought to her life both physically and mentally, and works to bring these benefits to her students through her classes and workshops.


Stephanie Parmenter

Stephanie began her path with yoga in Australia at Bondi Bikram, practising for 5 years until moving back to the UK and continuing for a further 5 with various London based studios. Following the news of a baby on the way she used her maternity leave to enrol on the FHY500 hour intensive training course, graduating in February 2014 certified by Yoga Alliance. Her style consists of Hatha based postures at a beginners/intermediate level with particular attention to breath control, easy transition between asanas, with an introduction to flow. 

Stephanie is also qualified to teach pre and post natal yoga.

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