Renew & Recharge Ready for 2017 with Gabi Markham


Saturday 14/01/2017 11:30· - 6pm·


Get inspired and start off 2017 on the right foot! The start of the New Year is the perfect time to reflect on what in our lives we want to leave behind with 2016 and what we will cultivate moving forward. Take some time to take care of your mind, body, spirit, and heart.


Through inspiring discussions, guided meditations and asana practice, we will foster a special day for healing, integration, and awakening. use this one day away from your life to take stock of where you have been and where you are at. Sometimes all you need is a pause to illuminate the path ahead.


Starting this invigorating day at 11.30am in Balance Your Body with Emma Scott. After lunch there will be plenty of time for meditation, reflection and intention setting drawing on classical yoga principles. We will finish the day with a rejuvenating yin/yang flow and a gorgeous Yoga Nidra to leave you floating away and into your year with purpose and peace. Ending at 6pm.


£65 early bird until 17th December | £75 thereafter

All levels welcome



Embody Love: A Workshop for Women with Nighean Hardie & Claudia Chapman


Saturday 4/02/2017 2-5pm


EMBODY LOVE WORKSHOP™ is a 3 hour transformational workshop for adult women ages 19 and up that takes participants on a journey toward self-acceptance. The goal is for women to set new intentions about how they feel, think, and speak to themselves and others. Participants are offered the opportunity to engage in process exercises in which they explore their internalised beliefs about beauty and self-worth and are given the tools to understand that these negative beliefs have a detrimental impact on their viewing themselves as purposeful and worthy.

Interactive exercises include:

- Dismantling the “beauty myth”

- Changing the conversation from criticism to kindness

- Embodied yoga experience

- Commiting to being kind to ourselves, and therefore each other

- Seeing and experiencing ourselves as worthy from the inside out

- Recognizing our contributions through conscious activism


£20 if booked no less than 4 weeks prior / £30 thereafter



Assist and Adjust with Nighean & Gabi


Sunday 26/02/2017 1-4pm


This is the second of a series of three workshops where together, Nighean and Gabi will be exploring the ways we can use touch in a yoga class to deepen our understanding of our body and the asana. Learning to physically adjust others in yoga asana and how to receive adjustments yourself is an invaluable way of deepening your understanding of yoga postures. Hands on assist is an effective way to help students feel the direction, energetics & alignment during practice. We will learn about the anatomy and alignment of asana primarily though experiencing it in our own bodies.

We will cover what we looked at in the first workshop and build on the adjustments and assists, to take them deeper into the body.

This workshop is open to everyone interested in examining the mechanics of the practice of adjusting and assists as well as those training to teach and already teaching.

The more variety of yoga practitioners that attend, the greater the opportunity for us all to learn from one another. We will cover reading bodies and how and when to approach a student to physically assist them, when not to touch and how you can effectively ‘cue’ the same adjustment, and ways we can enable students to find more space and freedom in asanas for themselves.



Teacher Refresh Session: Re-ignite Your Own Practice + Re-inspire Your Instruction with Taylor Harkness


Friday 17/03/2017 9:30· - 5pm


Being a yoga teacher takes a lot of time, work, energy, and commitment. From the moment you begin teaching, you’re sharing a piece of yourself. Many of us know what it’s like to lose inspiration to the hustle and grind of teaching multiple private clients, juggling a busy class schedule, and not having enough time for your own practice.


In this Refresher, you’ll enjoy a 2.5 hour vinyasa flow practice in the morning, allowing you to find sanctuary on your mat and enjoy being a student again.


In the afternoon, gain confidence in safe and practical sequencing, cueing formulas, group exercises, and share stories about successful techniques, while redefining the anatomical planes of movement.


All of this is aimed at reigniting our own practices while furthering our knowledge base and broadening the horizons of techniques and methodologies. There is no one right way to do things. A well rounded and passionate approach to instruction is a balanced way to stay effective.


***Teachers will receive hour for hour of CPD in accordance with Yoga Alliance standards***


£75 early bird before 10th February / £85 thereafter


We will be organising a meal-deal with the Italian cafe downstairs, which you are welcome to join us for during the lunch break.



Shine On: The Science of Optimism with Taylor Harkness


Saturday 18/03/2017 9:30· - 12:30pm


Get on the right track to living with passion, authenticity, quality relation- ships, and happiness.


Being a human is often times hard. Being an adult human with all of the responsibilities of modern life is even harder. But great minds from ancient philosophers to modern psychologists alike believe that the greatest part of the human experience is our ability to be thoroughly present and happy. Some even say this is our ultimate purpose. This class is unlike any other in that we’ll discuss what it is to drop shitty, stifling habits, to come alive, to be passionate about what we do, and to feel fulfilled. This discussion followed by a short yoga practice is aimed at reinvigorating our attitudes and making healthy choices toward happiness. Everything from finances to relationships will be discussed.


£25 early bird before 11th February / £35 thereafter



Lean On Me: A Partner Workshop with Taylor Harkness


Saturday 18/03/2017 2 – 4.30pm


Play with friends and strangers to explore really neat ways in which our bodies work that are otherwise untapped in a solitary practice.


This partner yoga class flows with the basics of diving into a practice with another soul. We’ll go over safe and fun partner flow, partner flying poses, and partner stretching. Bring a friend, a loved one, or fly solo and get partnered up! All levels are welcome.


£20 early bird before 11th February / £30 thereafter



Cleaning House: Opening the Chest, Neck, and Shoulders with Taylor Harkness


Sunday 19/03/2017 10 - 12pm


Feeling stuck, tight, or tense in your upper body can create a slurry of other problems. Many of us spend hours seated at a desk, staring at a screen in a hunched and closed position, leading to back pain, tension headaches, and muscular fatigue. This class doesn’t claim to fix or cure any of those ailments, but it does highlight positive habits and you’ll work through a practice in releasing upper body tension from which we can all benefit. Expect to open the chest, take deeper breaths, stretch out and unravel the shoulders, neck, mid and upper back.


***A strap or belt is highly recommended for this practice***


£20 early bird before 12th March / £25 thereafter



Stabilising + Unwinding the Hips with Taylor Harkness


Sunday 19/03/2017 1.30·– 3.30pm


"The Hips” is an often over generalised and collective term, used in yoga. There are many different chambers and pockets, nooks and crannies to this powerhouse of mobility. In this workshop, we work our way into, around, and through the entire hip junction with a yummy and fiery vinyasa flow practice, ending with a deep restorative portion in order to breathe both strength and range of motion back into this region.


***Two blocks are needed for this practice.***


£20 earlybird before 12th March / £25 thereafter



Calm The Storm: Restorative/Reclined Yin Yoga with Taylor Harkness


Sunday 19/03/2017 4-6pm


Balance out all of the power and effort in your life. This workshop restores the muscles and connective tissues to a state of soft, smooth, openness while calming the mind. Sleepy yogis are welcome as we’ll finish this dreamy class with a long savasana and massage inspired lovin’!


£20 early bird before 12th February / £25 thereafter

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